Yarn Wallows

by Yarn Wallows

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released February 2, 2012


all rights reserved



Yarn Wallows Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Thanksgiving (Things)
Who thinks of all these things
What we need are things
When we need more

Where things are ever in doubt
Why, all we need are things
And things work out

How things lay in store
For us

This thing isn't my thing
And, that thing - glad it isn't yours

In the quiet I was (hours)
Reaching 'round the dark
In the empty-belly deep
For something I could see
For what it really is
And not for what it gives
And this is not joy
It's just somebody's noise
But I'm nobody's nose (No!)
Track Name: Gingerbread Doublewide
Better to be estranged
Than to be a stranger
Better to stay at home
Than out in the danger

Leaving a trail of crumbs
But leading us deeper
In the center of our worries we know
That where the fear grows
Is home

Better to know that home
Is where the fear grows
Whether we're following
Or running from shadows

If our hearts ever together unwind
And reveal pretenders
We'll beat them both together in time
And bear them as burdens
Of our bones

It's beyong me what our hearts belong to
A beast in the bones
A sorrow that wallows
Within you

Bury me low
Track Name: Beasts in the Hills
Chasing the sunlight
Back through the night sky
Catching the sunrise
Well after midnight

I saw beasts in the hills
(I sought peace in the hills)
And I saw radio towers loom

So we're all singing (Hallelujah!)
How the world is coming to an end (Hallelujah!)

But let's not get carried away
(Let's not, let us not!)
Track Name: Own Peace
In broken rest I broke my peace
And we split the hillsides
Rambling down beneath

In a false dawn with wordless song
One we all could sing
Just jibber-jabbering

Came the ghost deer
From in the trees
In the graveyard
Sun can crashing through the leaves

The resounding light that grew so bright
All the colors turned
In a flash we saw it burn

I could wait through snow
Through the wind and rain
To let you know
I could feel the same
Track Name: Jesus Keeps the Bombs Away
Jesus kept the bombs away
And gave us all a sunny day
With children playing in the street

Blue Sky Town, America
Autumn leaves adrift
A smokestack billows
Heads on our pillows

Summer turning into into fall
Winter, spring, and through it all
He must hold us very dear
To keep it all away from here

Jesus keeps the bombs away
Track Name: Do Dum
None of it will matter now
If it ever mattered, anyhow
No shadow of a doubt
When the light goes out

No more love
No, nothing above
Just candles off in the distance
To mourn the end of existence

Round and round and round and round and...
(round and round)
Round and round and round and round and...
(winding up and winding down)
Half of the world is upside down

(We're) Dead...
(We're) Dead...
(We're) Dead...

Dead in the water
There in the everlasting dark
Track Name: Face the East
Sarah, Sarah
I keep your heart and turn
Face the east

Sit around, sit around
I keep your heart and turn
Won't you please...

Come home

Sit around, sit around
I keep your heart while you
Are far away

Sit around, sit around
I keep your heart 'til you
Are home to stay

A, E, I love you and
Sometimes don't know why
I love you

My heart lies over the ocean
My heart lies over the sea
And it's beyond me
What our hearts belong to

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